Work method, technology and human resources

Professional Reputation

PPS will provide the most professional services with reasonable fees and timely responses. Speed and accuracy are not mutually exclusive.
PPS strives to be the most reliable engineering services company through quality work.

About Pacific Place Services

Pacific Place Services (PPS) specializes in delivering world class engineering services to clients around the world by providing simple solutions to complex engineering problems.

Electrical Engineering

We design and implement cost-effective, intuitive, robust solutions for electrical challenges.

Controls & Automation

Professional safety and control systems design services, including heavy industrial, petrochemical, and oil gas...

Mechanical Engineering

Our comprehensive approach to projects means that you can expect high quality deliverables...

Renewable Energy

PPS develops, builds, and maintains solar, wind and hydropower plants and storage solutions.

Project Management

PPS’s Project Management approach is built on transparent and effective communication among all stakeholders, and the Project Manager


We know that our customers need timely service at every stage so PPS provides full procurement support to any project to meet the client’s needs.